Contact Userful Support

Before contacting Userful Support, please ensure your Userful host is connected to a network that enables Internet access. This is crucial in order for Userful support staff to deliver the best possible support experience and is vital for receiving live telephone support. We highly recommend that the system has continuous, or at least readily available, Internet access in its final location.
If you ever need help or have a question about Userful, here are some tips:
  • Search these support pages. They have lots of useful information about installation, troubleshooting, and best practices.
  • Fill out Report a Problem form available under Control Center > Support > Submit Trouble Report, including your full email address and name, and as much information as you can about what you need help with. Click the Submit Report button to create a ticket.

By Email

Sending a detailed email to [email protected] will automatically create a ticket.
See our Support Resources & Operations for details on response times.

Other Inquiries

Corporate Contact Information, addresses, sales, and media inquiries:

Scope of Support

The Userful Support team proactively offers valuable services and documentation to its customers to address any inquiries related to the functionality of the software. The scope of the support regarding services and documentation includes but is not limited to:
  • First-time installation documentation and Email/Phone support.
  • User training documentation includes assigning display devices, creating and calibrating video walls, creating sources, etc.
  • Software update processes and procedures.
  • Display device troubleshooting and diagnostics.
  • Performance and playback troubleshooting.
  • Userful Control Center functionality and interface documentation and training videos.
  • System back-up and recovery features.
  • Licencing renewal and troubleshooting.
  • Hardware support and diagnostics with certified Userful systems.
  • API troubleshooting and documentation. (Additional paid package required).
For further information on Userful Support, see Support Resources & Operations


To arrange a live training session for yourself and/or your Organization, reach out to us at [email protected]. Please include the name of your Organization and the Partner you have been working with in your email.
Please note that training is included only with the Remote Setup and Training. Training is included for all new Public Computing (Library) deployments.
If you have been working closely with a Userful Sales Rep on your project, please reach out to them to arrange training.