Service Level Agreement

Updated October 3rd, 2022

Scope of Support

This Support Service service agreement (“Service Agreement”) applies to all Customer Support and Technical Support Services provided by Userful; Entered into by and between the customer using the Support Services (“you” or “your”) and Userful (“we,” “us” or “our”) (you and us, each, a “Party” and, collectively, the “Parties”). This Service Agreement does not apply to any professional services (i.e., PPI, support or consulting, onsite service) offered or provided to customers through other service agreements. You accept this Service Agreement and Userful’s Privacy Policy by utilizing Support Services. Your use of the Support Services, if provided on or in connection with a Userful website, is also subject to that website’s terms. These Service Agreement terms control in the event of conflict or disagreement during contact with Userful’s support services.
Userful reserves the right to change the Support Services and this Service Agreement at any time. If changes increase the price or materially decrease the level of Support Services purchased, a notice will be delivered prior to the change in accordance with your subscription renewal date. Your use of the Support Services after the effective date of any change constitutes your acceptance of the changed Support Service Agreement.
Overview of Support Services Userful Customer Support Service connects you with support agents for help with issues or questions on the Userful Platform. Support Services may be included as part of your validly licensed Userful product or purchased (e.g. as a one-time pay-per-incident service (“PPI Service”), or a subscription programme), but exclude any professional services (i.e. support or consulting) offered or provided to enterprise customers (e.g. subject to a Userful Business and Services Agreement, or other Userful enterprise products or services agreement).
You must have an active subscription in order to use Support Services. You will not have access to over-the-phone support or email support without a valid subscription. The Userful Support team proactively offers timely, valuable services and documentation to its customers to address inquiries related to the platform. The scope of the support regarding services and documentation includes but is not limited to: - First-time installation documentation and Email/Phone support. - User training documentation includes assigning display devices, creating and calibrating video walls, creating sources, etc. - Software update processes and procedures. - Display device troubleshooting and diagnostics. - Performance and playback troubleshooting. - Userful Control Center functionality and interface documentation and training videos. - System back-up and recovery features. - Licensing renewal and troubleshooting. - Hardware support and diagnostics with certified Userful systems. - API troubleshooting and documentation. (Additional paid package required).
Contacting the Support Team Userful offers a seamless integration within our platform to utilize Support Services. By selecting “Create a Trouble Report” from ‘Configuration’ (or ‘Settings’ in version 11), you will create a new Support Case. This option will also provide you with the best possible experience, as log file snapshots are taken upon submission. These are technical files our team uses to quickly diagnose your system and do not contain sensitive information. Your use of Support Services signifies your acceptance of this process, and the transmission of troubleshooting data through a secure tunnel.
All customers may also send an email to: [email protected] at any time to open a Support Case.
Consent for Data-Connected Services Userful provides full control to the customer on whether a Userful Support agent can access their system. Once accessed, a secure VPN tunnel is created and closed once a solution has been provided. The software used with the Support Services may connect to Userful and other service providers over a data connection (e.g. the internet or a wireless carrier). In some cases, you will not receive a separate notice when they connect. By using the Support Services, you consent to the transmission of information via the Support Services.
Misuse of Data-Connected Services You may not use the Support Services in any way that could cause harm in any facet, to Userful, its affiliates or any other service provider or any computer network or system or impair anyone else’s use thereof. You may not use the Support Services to try to gain unauthorized access to any service, data, account or network. Userful maintains strict security guidelines to prevent unauthorized access to support services.
Supporting our Customers Userful will always attempt to remedy all challenges to its full ability. Userful’s ability to meet our Agreements and deliver Support Services depends upon timely responses and cooperation and the accuracy and completeness of the information you provide.
Data Privacy and GDPR At no time will Userful solicit for, collect, process, manage or store data from any of our Customer's systems, including online and offline systems. All information transferred during a Support Services interaction is not processed or stored in any system other than the Customers server. Information shared from the Customer to the Userful Support Team is only basic information to provide Support Services (Name/Email).
Support Services Coverage and Availability Userful Support currently provides local support in major cities across the globe. The Support window will align with the physical location of the server/system within the following time frame: North America Team Global Team Mon - Sun, 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM (PST) Mon - Sun, 7:00 PM - 7:00 AM (PST) Excl. Holidays.
Observed Holidays ​​ Userful Support operates at a limited magnitude during the observed holidays. We will ensure that any urgent issues are responded to as quickly as possible. Below is the list of observed holidays by the Userful Support Teams.
New Year's Day President's Day Epiphany Memorial Day Good Friday Canada Day Easter Monday Labor Day May Day Thanksgiving Day Ascension Day Christmas Day Whit Monday Corpus Christi Assumption Day German Unity Day All Saints Day Christmas Day and St. Stephen's Day
Support Service Tiers Depending on the Userful Support product purchased, there are different features and varying support levels. The types of Support included with each package are outlined below, along with general response times.
Escalation Process The Userful Technical Support Teams strictly adhere to triage-based escalation paths. Within the Support Departments, escalation is provided through Tier One - Tier Three. Major bugs or critical outages are sent directly to a Tier Two and/or Tier Three Representative, with direct access to our Engineering Department for further escalation. Sales Escalations through the Support Teams will be redirected to either Userful North America Sales or Userful META Support.
Language Support While Userful strives to offer Support in multiple languages, there will be times when our Support Teams utilize an online translation service for email ticket communication.
English (Primary) Arabic Punjabi German Urdu
Customer Purchased Hardware Please see Third-Party Hardware for information on servers not purchased from Userful. Note that we cannot guarantee support for third-party hardware.
Certified Server Hardware Please see Userful Servers for more information.
PPI Services Support Services may be available as a one-time pay-per-incident service (“PPI Service”) for a one-time emergency support service on an individual location for a fixed, one-time fee. PPI Services are not part of your ongoing Support Agreement and qualify as a separate professional service.
Data Backup You understand that data can be inadvertently lost, corrupted or breached, and agree that you are wholly responsible for the backup of any and all data, software, information or other files stored on your device, including all disks and drives, or other associated devices (collectively, “Your Data”) before receiving the Support Services. You further understand and agree that Userful may need to transfer Your Data, including any confidential, proprietary and personal information stored on your device, to third-party service providers in order to perform the Support Services. Any transfer will be done in accordance with our Privacy Statement, and by customer authorization only. To the maximum extent permitted by law, Userful is not responsible or liable for any disclosure, loss or corruption of Your Data.
Remote Access (Customer Controlled) To provide the Support Services, Userful may be required to connect remotely to your device, which allows us to access and control your device, view your device screen, install software and change settings on your device. We may ask you to download or accept Userful or third-party software licensing terms to establish the remote connection. We may run diagnostic tools on your device to determine whether it meets the minimum system requirements for us to perform certain Support Services, such as upgrades. You must agree to this step for us to provide those Support Services. If we are unable to establish a remote access connection to your device or complete any of the above steps, we may not be able to provide Support Services.
Software Installations/End User License Agreements/Authority You will be provided with a set number of authorized Support contacts within your organization’s IT Department. By providing Userful with information, software or applications to install or transfer on your behalf, you represent that you have the right to authorize Userful to take such action as an authorized Support contact. You understand and acknowledge that Userful may need to accept End-User License Agreements (“EULAs”) on your behalf for such software installations and you agree to comply with any EULAs. If you request the installation of software from a third-party software provided in connection with the Support Services, we will give you the opportunity to review the corresponding EULA; you assume sole responsibility if you decide not to review it. You understand and agree that Userful does not control the terms of any third-party EULAs and will not review such EULAs prior to accepting them on your behalf.
Third-Party Sites If you are presented with a link to a third-party website while receiving the Support Services (whether the link is provided by Userful or embedded in the website on which you receive the Support Services or otherwise), you acknowledge that these links are provided for your ease of reference and convenience only, that the linked sites are not under Userful’s control and Userful is not responsible for the contents of any link or linked site or any changes or updates to such sites, and provision of the linked sites does not constitute an endorsement of any kind of material they contain or any association with their operators. Userful is not responsible for webcasting or any other form of transmission received from any linked site.
When you sign up for Support Services and give your email address, you consent to Userful providing you notifications about the Support Services or information the law requires us to provide to you via that address. Notices emailed to you will be deemed given and received when the email is sent.