Software Installation

Userful is a complete RHEL-based operating system. Like most Linux distributions, it can easily be downloaded from the Userful website and installed on the server using industry tools such as iDRAC or by creating a bootable USB device. Recommended devices include or DVD.

Userful supports both legacy BIOS and EFI systems, and Legacy or EFI boot options. Drive encryption can also be specified at installation though this has not been extensively tested, and carries the standard I/O performance hit.

Userful does not support Secure Boot this means the installation will proceed normally, however, the OS will not complete its first boot. To get around this, Secure Boot options must be disabled in the BIOS/EFI of the system prior to installation.

Setup Display

Userful servers are managed via the web interface, either through the local network or over the Internet via the Userful manager. However, after installation and initial boot, some settings must be configured locally before network administration can be accomplished.

To set these values, configure either of the following setups:

  • If the local network has DHCP enabled, a basic display connected to one of the video-out ports on the server will be necessary to view the acquired IP address. This IP address is then connected via the web browser and used to manage the system.

  • If the local network does not have DHCP enabled, a static IP address must be set. In this scenario, connect a USB keyboard and mouse to the system, along with a display.

  • If none of the above-mentioned options are feasible, acquire the MAC address of the connected network adapter and create a manual DHCP reservation on your network. Connecting via the network or the onboard display launches the initial setup screen. This screen helps you set user credentials and network configurations.

Once these steps are complete and you have access to Userful via a web browser, the peripherals and monitor can be disconnected.

Userful is a powerful, flexible, and versatile platform. While planning a deployment, please take advantage of our experience by contacting your Userful support to ensure your deployment goes as smoothly as possible. For a complete guide on setting up on-premise servers and clients visit, or contact your Userful account manager.

We are always available and ready to help!

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