Audit Log

The Audit Log feature helps track and monitor changes made by the users and retrieve content details in a few easy steps.

Key Features

  • Audit Log retains 200K records of data or data log spanning over a time frame of 2 years whichever is reached first. If you need longer data retention, please contact Userful support.

  • It stores user login details id, password, and the medium the user uses to log in, for example, Google SSO, MS SSO, or email.

  • It helps create(New), Delete, and Update Screens.

  • It helps create(New), Delete, and Update Assets/Files.

  • It helps create(New), Delete, and Update Playlists.

  • It helps create(New), Delete, and Update the schedule.

  • It helps create(New), Delete, Update, and change folder security settings.

  • It helps Update the personal profile of users and change passwords.

  • It helps create (New), Delete, Update and Invite, users and team members.

  • It helps Change the Account Preference.

  • It helps Submit, Approve, and Reject approval requests

  • It helps filter, search, and export data.

  1. To access audit logs click on your profile.

  2. A drop-down menu appears. Click on the Personal Profile option.

  3. Click on the Advanced option present on the left side menu.

  4. Click on the Audit Log option from the expandable menu. A detailed list of log files appears showcasing values like log time, edit description, etc. It has the following three options: Search: Use this option to search and retrieve records using a keyword. Export: Use this option to export these logs in CSV, Excel, and PDF format. Filter: Use this option to retrieve logs based on Date Range, Type, Action, Teams, and Users. Refresh: Use this option to reload the logs.

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