Server and General UCC Troubleshooting

Unable to Access Control Center / Cannot Log In

Occasionally you may encounter errors with UCC loading, not logging in, or throwing error codes.
There are a few things you can try that normally resolve the issue:
  1. 1.
    Clear your browser cache. Ctrl+Shift+Delete will open the dialog on most browsers. After that is done, close all open tabs and try UCC again in a new one.
  2. 2.
    Reboot the server. Either from Manager (3-dot menu) or by pressing and releasing the power button on the server itself. It should shut down by itself after a few seconds, or 2-3 minutes at most.
  3. 3.
    Check for updates. If you can access UCC through an onboard display or over the local LAN, there may be a software update necessary to maintain connectivity with

Unable to Update

Userful On-Premise servers require both an active subscription and connectivity to Userful in order to download and install updates.
If your subscription is not active, you will simply see System is up to date. Contact [email protected] to process a renewal.
If your system cannot contact the update servers, you will see this message.
If your subscription is up to date and there are no connectivity errors, there may be an issue with the system's update configuration or you may be trying to update from an older version of Userful. Contact Userful Support for assistance.

TURN Server Error

The TURN protocol is used by Userful Cloud and On-Premise servers to enable upload of content to Userful through your Web browser and live streaming from any connected webcams. Servers check connectivity to on port 3478, and if they do not find it, they will show this error.
If your system has no Internet connection, you can simply Hide the error and it will not reappear.
If your system does have Internet connectivity and this message is appearing, it only means that your system is unable to connect to and you may not be able to upload files to it via Userful Manager. If things are working well for you otherwise, then there's no need for concern.

Server Licensing Messages

Not Currently Licensed

This is a standard message from a server that has no license installed. Licensing is normally done through Userful Manager. If your system has no Internet connection, contact Userful to obtain an offline license file.

Maintenance and Support Status

This appears when a server has expired (or no) active Userful subscription.

Cloud Subscription Status

This appears alongside the above "Maintenance and Support Status" message, usually for the same reasons.

Cloud Registration Status

The server has an active connection to Userful Manager (formerly known as Userful Cloud) but registration has not been completed. Registering your server is optional, but recommended.

Too Many Stations Found

If you see this message, you have assigned more Zero Client or uClient devices to your server than your license allows.
If you are seeing this after replacing a device, try deleting the old device from Mapping to fully remove it as a licensed display from the system.
A removed device can be deleted by clicking the X
Once removed, the number of displays will be accurately counted again.

Server can not serve uClient devices

On-Premise servers powering uClient devices must have a certified Quadro GPU installed in order for Nvidia Offload to work and the server to deliver content efficiently, otherwise CPU encoding will be used, which is not optimal and will cause performance and stability issues.

Webcam or Camera Not Launching

If you have a USB webcam attached to the server and it is not launching or showing video in UCC:
  • Check the model to ensure it advertises compatibility with Linux (most do)
  • Ensure there is no firewall between yourself and the Userful server that is blocking port 3478 to
  • Reboot the server and manually launch the camera in Support.