Playlists are lists of assets that are placed into sequences and cycled through repeatedly. You can assign playlists to multiple screens.

Steps to Create a Playlist

  • Click on the Create Playlist option and provide it with a name.

  • Assign assets to it in the play order you want.

  • Provide the amount of time each plays.

  • All your work gets saved automatically. See the process below.

Advanced Options of a Playlist

Each Playlist also has its own set of advanced options (gear icon) detailed below:

  • Scale Image/Video/Document: It takes any image that does not match the display's aspect ratio and applies fit options (Fit, Stretch, Zoom, None) as selected.

  • Shuffle: It plays the playlist randomly.

  • Default Transition: It sets the transition animation for the playlist.

  • Transition Speed: It sets the transition speed for the playlist.

  • Playlist - Max Duration: It sets a maximum duration for the playlist. This cannot be less than the current duration of the playlist, rather it enforces a uniform maximum length when making future changes.

  • Background Music: It sets a file to play music over the entire playlist, or a URL for audio from TuneIn, YouTube, or others.

Use local screens and adjust your playlists. Take time to become accustomed to using them.

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