uClient Adapter FAQs

Q What resolutions does the device support?

The device supports the following resolutions: 1. The HDMI port outputs a maximum of 3840x2160 @ 60FPS.

2. The Display port outputs a maximum of 1920x1080 @ 60FPS.

3. HTML-based content will be scaled to 1920x1080 unless the resolution is manually set in the device's settings. Q Which video port should I use? HDMI port should be used as the primary video output port.

Q What types of content can be shown? The following types of video content can be streamed:

  • Uploaded video or image content with the Signage player.

  • RTSP video streams.

  • Web content with the web browser source.

  • Custom CMS content authored in Display5.

Q What are the resolution limits? The HDMI port on each device can support up to 4K60 Hz output. Q What media formats does the Signage player source support? The Signage player source supports the following formats:

  • H.263

  • H.264

  • H.265

  • VP8

  • VP9

  • MPEG

  • JPEG

  • PNG

Q Can I expand the device's storage?

The USB 3 port can accommodate external storage devices up to 2TB, formatted as exFAT. The SD card slot can accommodate full-size SD cards up to 128GB. Note that as of release, using only one option (USB or SD) at a time is supported. Q Can I use this with any screen? Yes, the HDMI port can be used to connect to displays of any size, resolution or shape.

Q Is the device wireless? The device does have built in dual-band WiFi, however its use is not supported at this time. Q What network ports or services do the device need to operate? Kindly, reffer to the Network Design Requirements for details.

Q How long is the warranty? What is the replacement plan? The uClient adapter comes with a 1 Year warranty. If high availability is required, it is recommended to purchase spares. Q How do I mount or install the device? There is a VESA mount kit included in the box. Otherwise it can be attached or adhered to any surface by whatever means you see fit. Q How do I reboot the uClient Adapter? Press the power button on the side of the device and hold it for ~2 seconds. This will power the device off. The shutdown process is very quick. After about 5 seconds, you can power the device on again.

Removing and reconnecting power to the device after 5 seconds is also acceptable and should not cause damage to the device.

Q How do I factory reset the uClient Adapter? Follow these steps:

  1. Power off the device using the power button.

  2. Press the pinhole reset button next to the Ethernet jack, and hold it while pressing and releasing the power button. This will bring up the Android factory reset screen.

  3. Use the pinhole button to cycle through options, and the Power button to select.

  4. Select the Wipe Data/factory reset option, then confirm. The wipe will take 2-3 minutes.

  5. When the wipe is finished it will return you to the menu, select the Reboot System Now option.

Please note that factory resets are not recommended unless directed by the Userful Support team. A factory reset may cause a loss of back-end system updates which will have to be re-installed manually with the assistance of the Userful Support team.

Q How do I update firmware on the uClient Adapter? Contact Userful Support. Firmware updates should only be done under special circumstances and are not normally required. Q What are the power, capabilities, and cooling requirements of the device? The power, capabilities, and cooling requirements of a device are as follows:

  • The device ships with either a standard North American or European 12V/2A power supply.

  • There is no support for PoE or USB power at this time.

  • The device is passively cooled, with a maximum operating environment temperature varing from -5 to +45 degrees Celsius (23 to 113 degrees Fahrenheit).

Q Does the device support DPMS or CEC? The device uses DPMS signals for display power-off control. CEC is not supported at this time. Q Is API support available for uClient adapters?

REST API support is coming in the next quarterly release.

Q Are touchscreens supported?

Standard HID-compatible touch screens and devices should work, but this functionality is not yet officially supported.

Q How does the Audio work?

  • Audio from any source type is supported.

  • Audio output is enabled through both the HDMI and 3.5mm ports.

  • By default, the output is set to 100% volume.

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