Emerald Administration

User Administration


Users who are assigned Admin roles in Emerald are able to access the Account Members menu to edit Users and Teams.
Administrators will have a default Team and are encouraged to add more. Teams should be created around your own organization's structure - Marketing, Engineering, Sales, etc.
Teams must have Users assigned to them. Assets and Screens can then be assigned to individual Teams.
Note that any User assigned to a Team and given Admin rights will be able to view and change all Teams.
Any User can be assigned to more than one Team. When they are, they can switch between Teams in the profile menu.
An Administrator can also be assigned to more than one Team. They must be switched to that Team to manage its content.


Users are assigned to a Team and have access to all of that Team's assets.
Users are assigned a Role. Roles are managed from the Account Members screen.
Clicking New Role lets you create a new Role. In this example, we create a Role for someone who will be tasked with creating Assets, but does not have any publication rights.


Folders are used to group anything - Screens, Assets, Playlists, or Schedules. They are a subset of each category. A Folder in Screens cannot be used to store Assets, only other Screens.
Folders can be assigned to specific Teams or Users.
A User or Team can be shared a specific sub-folder without having access to that folder's parent.
Add Users or Teams from the Security list.