Claiming and Creating Servers

Steps to Claim On-Premise Servers

  • The easiest way to claim your on-premise server to your Userful manager account is to simply power it on and connect it to the Internet. If you are on the same local network as your on-premise server, it will appear and make itself available to claim right away.

  • Click the Claim+ option and enter the username and password you had set while configuring your on-premise server.

  • Click on the Claim option, the server will be associated with your organization. The act of pairing your first server will remove the demo instance from the default view.

  • You can regain access to the demo instance by searching a random string in the search bar present on the left side menu.

Creating Cloud Servers

Userful Cloud servers are lightweight applications that exist only in the Userful manager. While they are not virtual machines in a conventional sense, you can think of them as VMs from an administrative point of view.

If you have created your Userful Manager account and have uClient devices ready to go, at this point in the process you should contact your account manager so that your account can be given a production license. Otherwise, a free 30-day and 99-display trial license will be available for you to use.

Creating a new Cloud server

It is done from the user menu at the top-right corner of the screen.

  • Click on the New Cloud Server option and after a few seconds, the server will appear and become ready to license and pair.

  • By default, you have access to a free 30-day and 99-display trial license. If you have purchased any other license select your paid license. Once licensed, you will be prompted to pair a device by entering a pairing code.

Unless otherwise specified, licenses are distributed by Userful on a per-server basis. Userful Cloud servers can manage an unlimited number of displays. If you want to manage displays by creating additional servers, just speak to your Userful account manager, and licenses and servers can be divided as needed.

Refer to the Pair a Display topic to read more about pairing.

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