Engage Content Management

Pairing a Display or Zone

When you log in for the first time, you will need to pair your display and assign it some content.

  • Click on the Add Screen option. The Add Screen dialog box appears

  • Enter the Pair Code and click on the Pair option. The Edit Screen appears.

  • Enter the Device name, Tags, and select the Type- Assets, Playlists, or Schedules.

  • Click Save. The screen gets listed on the page.

For more information refer to the Assets, Playlists, and Schedules articles.

Content Management

Engage has Assets, Playlists, and Schedules that can be assigned to the Displays or Zones. Displays or Zones in Userful all appear and are managed as Screens in Engage.

Assets are customizable web apps, images, videos, or documents. Each asset shows one piece of content at a time, except for the Split Screen app which displays multiple existing assets.

You can create and edit assets. Playlists play assets in a sequence, using timing and transitions that you specify.

A Schedule allows you to set specific play schedules and apply them to assets or playlists.

After creating an asset, playlist, or schedule, you can edit the relevant screen to assign it to that content.

You can also preview the content in a new tab in your own browser from the screens menu.

Note that streaming content from Engage to webOS displays consumes more network bandwidth.

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