Partner Access

Partner accounts include all the functionality of Customer accounts with an added ability to invite customers and their systems to their own accounts, which are then managed by the partner. These accounts allow Userful partners to manage the customer’s Userful servers and logins, enabling them to deliver direct support to the systems you have installed.

Steps To Create your Account

Unlike Customer accounts, Partner accounts can only be created with an invitation from Userful. The account creation process is very similar to the process of creating the Userful Manager account.

After login, you’ll be presented with a dashboard very similar to a Customer account, but with a few additional functions.

Create Customer Accounts/Organizations

  • Navigate to the Customers option in the left-side menu. This allows you to invite and manage customers, their organizations, and users.

Creating invitations for new customers works in a similar fashion as you would create invitations for new users.

  • Click on the + Invite option. The following invitation dialog box appears.

  • This invitation generates an email invitation. Clicking the links in the email will direct you to create your own organization within the Userful manager, which is then visible within your Partner account.

  • As a partner, you will have full access to all the organizations that are registered under your Partner Account.

  • The Servers view will also separate servers according to the various customers you have invited, along with any servers of your own.

  • You may not be able to interact with servers if the customer has not granted you access. This is done during the initial setup of the server. If that step was skipped during the initial setup, the customer must log in and enable this setting from the server card's menu (click on the three dots on the card).

  • Click on the Staff List option from the Customers section. This will allow you to assign account owners and system administrators as needed.

Partner Account Overview

Partner accounts add another layer to the grouping structure. A Partner account can own and manage several of their accounts as Organization accounts.

Managing Organizations

  • Clicking on the organization name in the customers' view brings up a set of tools and views for managing that organization.

  • Some of the tools that are covered earlier in this guide, but new for Partner accounts is the Activity Log page.

This tool allows you to view user logs and actions taken. Logs can be filtered by user email, action type, or description.

The following table lists the number of Action Types that are logged.

Action Item


Invite User

It sends a new user account invitation.

Server Action

UCC opened, files uploaded, server name changed, etc.

Update Configuration

It shows the developer logs.

Update User Profile

It is used to change your profile information or password.

Update Trusted Connection

It indicates that a new IP-based 2FA trusted login location is added.

Backup Machine Data

It shows a server configuration backup is made or restored.

Update License

It shows that the server license is changed or revoked.

Update Server

A server’s location is updated, email notifications are enabled, or another field is updated in the server’s information in the Userful manager.

Update Organization

It is used to create, update, or delete an organization.

Update Tickets

It is used to create, update, or close tickets.

Update User Groups

It is used to update user groups and change roles.

Update User Permissions

It is used to change user permissions that are not active currently.

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