Web Browser Troubleshooting

1. White Screen Web Browser

A Web Browser source displaying a white screen is typically caused by the browser experiencing difficulties resolving and displaying the page. If the source is configured as a full-screen browser, then no information may appear.

2. Disable Full-Screen Mode

Changing the browser type will help you determine if the session itself is starting or not. If you see the address/navigation bar appear on the screen, then the source is working properly and the issue is with the content. Use the normal Chrome or Firefox options.

It is also a good idea to try an alternative browser. For example, if Firefox is not working try Chrome instead.

The WebKit browser should only be used to display very simple content, as its capabilities are limited.

3. Test the URL

Ensure that the address you are trying to retrieve is reachable from the Userful server. This is best done by creating a Linux Desktop source, then using the Interactive Viewer to log in and test the site. If the site is not reachable, verify your network settings, and ensure you don't have more than one default gateway configured.

4. Add Source Certificates

The browser may be having difficulties displaying messages related to certificate issues. Try adding a source certificate for the site manually.

5. Adjust the Frame Rate

Some web content does not render properly at lower frame rates. Try specifying either 30 or 60 FPS in the source settings.

Message: Chrome cannot be updated or updating browsers

This message shows because Chrome updates on Linux work differently than they do in Windows or Android, and the browser receives updates alongside the rest of the OS.

To address this issue, check for system updates. As of the Userful version 10.6.3 and August 30, 2021, Userful will pull Chrome updates directly from Google's servers, so you should get them as soon as they are released for Linux. You can also use the new Automatically Check for Updates feature and your Userful system will update and reboot itself every night at 2 AM. If you have updated your server but are still seeing the message, or if you want to update Chrome without updating the rest of your system, contact support.

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