Split-Screen Feeds

It's very easy to create custom screens with multiple information feeds on them. For example, including news updates, tickers, and weather as shown below.

Steps to Create Split Screen Feeds

  • Click on the Apps option present on the left menu. The Select Apps dialog box appears.

  • Click on the Split Screen app. Choose from a set of templates or create your own, and provide it a name.

  • You can freely resize and adjust the default Zones either by clicking and dragging or adjusting percentages.

  • Select each Zone, then pick an asset, playlist, or schedule to assign to that zone. Most assets will resize themselves intelligently for the canvas they are put in. This includes news feeds that turn into ticker feeds if put in a Zone that fits the necessary dimensions.

  • Click on the Preview option once you have assigned content to preview the app.

  • You can change and update content in each Zone on the fly while looking at the preview and view your changes take effect immediately.

  • Click on the Save option to map your new Assets as you see fit. You can now incorporate it into Playlists or Schedules.

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