Power BI Dashboards and Reports

This section details how you can integrate Microsoft Power BI using the Engage Signage+ Application to display Power BI Dashboards and reports on the display screens.

Configuration Steps

  1. Copy the URL of your Power BI dashboard. It is important to use the URL link from the browser address bar as the link from the report share is a dynamic link and is not a valid identifier for the report.

  2. To add an instance of your application to your Engage Signage Plus account and establish a link between the two open the Engage Signage Plus application.

  3. Click on the Files/Assets option present in the toolbar.

  4. Click on the Apps option.

  5. Navigate to the Power BI option on the modal dialog that appears and click on it.

In the text fields enter your Power BI application details.

  • Name: it is the name of your Power BI application instance, this is the name of the application in your asset list. Note that it will not be displayed on your screens.

  • URL: Provide the Power BI dashboard URL you copied in Step 1.

  • Update Interval: Enter the amount of time after which the application should check for updates. The default time is 600 seconds (10 minutes).

  • Login to Power BI: Authenticate yourself using Microsoft's Power BI service.

You can map this dashboard to your screen by assigning your Power BI application instance to a screen or as part of a Playlist and/or Schedule. To modify this instance edit it using the Files/Assets tab.

Engage Signage Plus does not store cache, therefore if you have a playlist or schedule with more than one dashboard then you need to wait until all the content in the dashboard loads. If the data in the dashboard is heavy then you need to wait more time.

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