Pairing Displays to Cloud

Once you have created your manager account, a licensed server, and one or more active uClients, we can pair them to the cloud server.

From the Userful Manager

  • Click on the Add Display button on the server card.
  • Enter the Pair ID generated on the uClient display.
uClient generates this screen and code
Enter the code and click "Add Display"
  • Repeat to add as many uClient displays as required. If there are multiple displays on the same LAN, after adding one display, you should see a prompt to automatically pair the remaining displays on the network. To add all the displays at once click on the Add Displays button.
Click to pair all displays to your server at once
A display freshly paired to a Cloud server will show this screen
After pairing the displays with the server, open the Control Center by clicking on the shortcut available at the bottom of the server card.
Open the Control Center

From Userful Control Center

Click on the Pair a Display option depending on layout, this may be in the left menu or at the top of the screen.
From within dedicated UCC, buttons appear on the left side of the screen
When viewed from Manager, the buttons appear near the top