Change Log

Userful 10 & 11

Userful 11.3

July 19, 2023


  • US-4969 Userful platform version 11.3 now supports NVidia RTX A4500 and Nvidia RTX A5500.


  • US-4782 The release includes updated branding visuals that are consistent with the new Userful brand design.
  • US-4669 The Userful platform now provides improved stability with fresh Upstream and CentOS package upgrades.
  • US-4101 The Keep me logged in option establishes a persistent session for the user that can be accessed even after the web browser is closed.
  • US-4435 Color correction and testing of the mixer player for absolute color representation in content when streamed in different settings.
  • US-4500 Port number restriction on the Remote desktop client is now modified to 65536.
  • US-4559 Blackmagic desktop video software 12.1 is not functional on Userful 11.2.3. Please update the Blackmagic desktop video software to version 12.4.
  • US-4900 New fixes for the monitoring dashboard to view system diagnostics.
  • US-4670 Fixed an issue where the interactive viewer would not start if the uClient was abruptly connected and disconnected (from a power supply or a network connection).
  • US- 5032 Resolved the issue observed while streaming a video source on a video wall (formed by connecting destinations to uClients and uClients to a cloud server). The platform did not crop the video to fit the dimension of the video wall but rather streamed the video on each destination individually.

Userful 11.2.1

July 13, 2022


  • US-2133: Updated firmware for the Android uClient.
  • US-2063: Resolved for better user experience. The Cloud UCC no longer redirects to the page while restarting Connect server. It shows a loading message.


  • US-2094: Optimized the image resizing process.
  • US-2099: Resolved the issue where the uClient went offline 5 minutes after mapping to an Engage source.
  • US-2075: WebOS uClient: You can now start the signage video wall after rebooting the devices without the Internet.
  • US-2062: Resolved the issue where one Cloud server utilized more than one Connect server instance at the same time.
  • US-2061: Resolved the issue where the Cloud uClient showed flickering images if there existed some special characters in the file names.
  • US-2026: Resolved the issue where the Android uClient showed the pairing screen after reboot.
  • US-1905: Resolved the issue where a blank screen appeared during the initial setup.
  • US-1904: Fixed the issue where the uClient application crashed in the absence of network connectivity.
  • US-1857: Resolved the issue where an update from 11.1.1 did not provide any visual feedback.
  • US-1825: Cloud Server: Fixed the glitches encountered while using the Pair all displays functionality.
  • US-1817: Userful11.2: Resolved the issue where changing the connection type from Standard to Legacy, made two displays stuck at the Connection lost screen.
  • US-1816: Resolved an issue where the uClient kept showing the message lost connection when the on-premise server went under a reboot without an Internet connection.
  • US-1815: Resolved the issue where the Android uClient was stuck on the loading screen if it could not connect to a DNS server.
  • US-1814: Resolved the issue where the uClient showed a disorganized pairing screen when it was neither connecting to the cloud server nor finding an on-premise server. It now shows a loading icon and the message Unable to connect to Userful Server.
  • US-1685: Resolved the issue where the WebOS Videowall error appeared in cloud signage with images.
  • US-1651: Resolved the issue where the time set after unchecking the Automatically set date and time option via NTP did not persist after reboot.
  • US-1626: Resolved the occurrence of the uClient Error when downloading logs.
  • US-1607: Resolved the issue that hindered seamless content streaming when the network cables on the Android uClients were unplugged and plugged.
  • US-1548: Resolved the issue where the UCC did not list available uClient devices if the server and uClient restarted simultaneously.
  • US-1394: Resolved the issue where the onboard audio did not work on AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO.

Userful 11.2

April 5, 2022


  • US-1332: Added uClient DNS Discovery functionality (phase I) This allows uClients on different subnets to leverage a DHCP service to identify accessible On-Premises servers without requiring internet access.
  • US-1267, US-1395: Enhanced stability of the connected servers This helps protect against log spamming both on the connect-server side and the uClient side.
  • US-1609: Enhanced uClient audio support for on-premise servers.
  • US-1620: Improved uClient audio support on Userful Manager.


  • US-1185: Resolved Mute button issues featuring on a few webOS 4.0 and 6.0 displays.
  • US-1318: Fixed an on-screen spinner issue if the server is using dual NICs.
  • US-1351: AWS - Improved legacy system detection for Connect server instances.
  • US-1442: Resolved an upstream issue where Chrome 98 displays the message What's new in Chrome on its display.
  • US-1477: Fixed the issue where the uClient legacy connection (xhr-polling) didn't function with the Connect cluster.
  • US-1596: Resolved the RTSP link issue that caused the functional failure of the video walls.
  • US-1599: Fixed an issue where the source Display 5 didn't work for uClients.
  • US-1620: Improved uClient Audio support on Userful Manager.
  • US-1614: Fixed the spinner issue that appeared when a uClient station playing digital signage with audio was assigned to a different digital signage source.
  • US-1616: Fixed an issue where Signage Player did not use the correct pipeline.
  • US-1647: Configured functionality for invitation links. It allows inviting a user, a partner, and a customer to a group in the Userful Manager.
  • US-1653: Added functionality to the Shared File settings enabling a desktop shortcut to appear on the Cloud Desktop source.
  • US-806, US-1580: Fixed the functionality to download log files for uClients.

Userful 11.1

November 1, 2021
Note - Userful 11 was an internal build not distributed to customers.
  • US-23 uClient Audio support for Video Walls
  • US-24 uClient Audio support for Mirror Groups
  • US-26 Updated Installer for new CentOS Stream Base
  • US-31 Fixed camera feeds not working on uClient Adapters
  • US-54 Fixed Audio in Cloud Desktop
  • US-62 Corrected “Display Audio Settings” function in uClient Local Browser source
  • US-66 Refreshed UCC UI with a new visual style
  • US-92 Fixed Blackmagic Capture sources sometimes not working with uClients
  • US-102 Fixed a regression problem from 10.6.2 that sometimes caused video wall playback to stutter
  • US-110 Resolved displays going offline sometimes during Local Browser Playback
  • US-130 Userful Manager back-end scalability improvements
  • US-132 Removed unused Sources from the Source lists for UCC and C&C
  • US-134 Expand the list of compatible resolutions for Blackmagic Capture cards, especially the Quad HDMI Recorder
  • US-136 Resolved an issue that could cause RTSP feeds to be decoded by software and load the CPU instead of the GPU
  • US-140 Improved Audio support on WebOS uClient
  • US-162 Enabled accessibility of logging on the uClient Adapter
  • US-167 Added User Activity Log
  • US-171 Resolves an issue that could cause Multi-Window sources to not use the correct resolution
  • US-183 Resolves an issue where the listed network speed of uClients is shown as 100Mbps in Displays
  • US-184 Improve the format of the uClient storage management window
  • US-210 Zero Client JPEG rendering performance optimizations
  • US-231 Updated hardware support with new base OS
  • US-246 Add reboot function for the uClient Adapter to reboot the device instead of only the app.
  • US-253 Remove "App" and "App ID" options from the On-Premise Web Browser, these were never used
  • US-258, US-267 Ability to download logs from the uClient Adapter from UCC
  • US-270 Resolved an issue with Local Browser that could cause a session to not start if many devices requested the resource at once.
  • US-271 Mapping a display to Linux Desktop source shows spinner (uClient OnPrem Server). This source is not compatible with uClients, so this will show a warning message.
  • US-283 Local Browser: Failover does not work for the local content saved on the on-prem server
  • US-293 Local Browser: URL invalid message when a colon character is added in the URL
  • US-299, US-300, US-304, US-305, US-306, US-307, US-308, US-389 - Userful Manager back-end improvements
  • US-310 Remove duplicate and unnecessary fonts
  • US-311 Resolved an issue in Userful Manager that could break Print Profiles that contained an “&” in their name
  • US-328 Engage Signage now uses an App-based client rather than a web browser to display content. This significantly reduces issues and increased performance over the old method.
  • US-339, US-373 Tooltips, Help Links, and UCC text revised and polished
  • US-348 uClient Adapter - show Build Number as firmware info in UCC Displays
  • US-352 Resolved an issue that could prevent uClients running Local Browser from properly failing back to the primary server
  • US-358 Resolved an issue that prevented Web Browser sources from running when Refresh Rate was set to 1 FPS
  • US-367 Resolved an issue that could cause Zero Client displays to show a white screen after video wall calibration
  • US-375 Added a warning message with Lock Task Mode
  • US-382 Resolved an issue where Failover sometimes does not sync stations properly
  • US-383 Resolved an issue that could cause the calibration screen and Display IDs to continue showing after video wall calibration if the calibration was done through Userful Manager
  • US-384 Resolved an issue that sometimes caused displays playing Local Browser source to show a white screen after reboot
  • US-385 uClient in Userful Manager - Hide IDs button not properly highlighted when it should be
  • US-386 Resolved an issue that sometimes prevents closing the video wall calibration screen in Userful Manager
  • US-388 Resolved an issue that sometimes prevented video wall calibration changes from happening immediately
  • US-391 Resolved an issue where opening Media Commander after the initial calibration could break the configuration
  • US-394 Fixed Help links in Userful Manager and UCC
  • US-396 Licensing: Incomplete URL in Trial License nag screen
  • US-398 Resolved an issue where altered station IDs would not persist after a reboot
  • US-403 Added UCC Restore Points
  • US-408 Resolved an issue that could cause uClient to freeze while playing video from a Cloud server
  • US-413 Updated Blackmagic drivers
  • US-417 Engage Source updated to reflect the new app-based client
  • US-424 Added more configuration settings for LED Media Commander
  • US-425 Updated translations
  • US-427 Resolved an issue with On-Premise uClients sometimes freezing when playing content with audio
  • US-439 Fixed the Apply button sometimes being in an invalid state, not allowing itself to be clicked after a change is applied
  • US-440, US-441 Local Browser UI, and reliability improvements
  • US-446 Resolved an issue that could cause Interactive Viewer to respond slowly or not at all with a uClient
  • US-454 Removed the Mode selector from the Blackmagic Capture source, as this did not actually work
  • US-456 Certify Quadro RTX A5000 and A6000 GPUs
  • US-463 Resolved an issue where a Failover server would retain its license after being removed from a Failover group
  • US-476 Resolved an issue that could cause overlapping messages on unlicensed servers
  • US-478 Revised license messages for On-Prem server with Zero Clients and uClients
  • US-481 Resolved an issue with HTTP links in the Network Streamer source
  • US-489 With the new App-based Engage client, switching from the Engage source to another source takes a few seconds to complete (with uClients)
General performance and reliability improvements, development and software updates, and issues encountered and fixed during development:
US-224, US-226, US-236, US-240, US-260, US-261, US-274, US-276, US-279, US-312, US-315, US-317, US-332, US-340, US-346, US-366, US-390, US-397, US-405, US-409, US-410, US-414, US-416, US-418, US-420, US-431, US-435, US-438, US-447, US-448, US-455, US-462, US-466, US-469, US-471, US-474, US-477, US-479, US-488, US-490, US-491, US-492, US-494, US-490, US-491, US-492, US-494, US-495, US-500, US-502, US-504, US-507, US-508, US-509, US-510, US-511, US-512, US-524, US-527, US-528, US-530, US-531, US-534, US-539, US-540, US-541, US-545, US-546, US-547, US-549, US-550, US-551, US-552, US-555, US-559, US-560, US-563, US-565, US-566, US-569, US-570, US-571, US-572, US-574, US-575, US-576, US-578, US-579, US-586, US-587, US-588, US-589, US-590, US-592, US-593, US-597, US-602, US-609, US-610, US-623, US-624, US-626, US-627, US-628, US-634, US-635, US-636, US-641, US-652, US-653, US-654, US-655, US-659, US-661, US-663, US-666, US-669, US-674, US-675, US-676, US-680, US-681, US-682, US-683, US-685, US-686, US-687, US-688, US-689, US-690, US-691, US-692, US-696, US-697, US-699, US-700, US-701, US-705, US-706, US-707, US-708, US-709, US-710, US-711, US-712, US-713, US-714, US-715, US-717, US-719, US-721, US-723, US-732, US-737, US-738, US-741, US-742, US-744, US-750, US-751, US-756, US-757, US-759, US-760, US-764, US-765, US-766, US-769, US-771, US-772, US-773, US-774, US-779, US-782, US-787, US-789, US-790, US-792, US-797, US-804, US-805, US-812, US-813, US-816

Userful 11.1.1 - January 6, 2022

Security and bugfix update.
  • US-1202 - Update log4j to 2.16.
  • US-1115 - Resolve issue that prevented problem reports from being uploaded.
  • US-846 - Enabled uClient watchdog on LG WebOS displays.
  • US-1218 - FTP configuration is kept after a reboot of the server.

Userful 10.6.3

June 16, 2021
Note - Userful 10.6.2 was an internal release not distributed to customers.
Userful 10.6.3 is a limited release for a specific set of customers, including our Public Computing (Library) customers.
  • US-82: Added Broadcast Alerts functionality to the uClient Web Browser source
  • US-86: Fixed the issue where a T200 USB zero client drops volume to 0 after a session
  • US-108: Added uClient Latency option for better synchronization
  • US-117: Added ability to schedule restart sources under Command and Control
  • US-131: Added option to enable “Lock Task Mode” for Android uClient Adapter
  • US-160: Added ability to download the uClient logs from Control Center
  • US-185: Added an option in Control Center to clear device storage
  • US-244: Fixed the issue where the uClient app can cause a playback freeze if there is an audio stream
  • US-280, US-282: Added the option to blacklist ports on Zero Clients
  • US-330: Added “Smart Frame Updates” feature for zero clients to reduce the network load

Userful 10.6.1

April 12, 2021
  • 20807, 20953: Created a new CMS source Engage Signage source for On-Premises and Cloud
  • 20963: Implemented Media Commander GUI
  • 20924: Implemented a uClient Web Browser source for local browser playback
  • 20961: Implemented an option to enable automatic updates
  • 20921: Implemented uClient Adapter 60fps support
  • 20920: Improved synchronization for Forward and Store Playback with 60 frame rate video files for uClient Adapter
  • 20922: Implemented uClient Adapter gapless playback support when playing Cloud Signage Player and Forward & Store enabled On-Premise Signage Player source
  • 20948: Implemented Screen Capture functionality with On-Premise uClients
  • 20413: Added audio support on uClient Adapter with On-Premise server
  • 20802: Added a UI option to clean Forward & Store server cache under Support > Troubleshoot
  • 20908: Added a UI option under Displays to show offline displays
  • 20914: Added a warning message if Forward & Store process is running in parallel with RTSP streaming
  • 20995: Added warning messages if a user enables/configures Welcome Screen, Tile Mode and Mirror Group along with a Forward & Store enabled Signage Player source
  • 20927: Remove Forward & Store option from Signage Player source in Command & Control
  • 20936: Cleaned up the default apps under Cloud Desktop source
  • 20952: Re-certified LG SM5KE with the latest firmware 04.07.30
  • 20956: Added HTTPS protocol support to Network Streamer source
  • 20938: Added support for WebOS 4.1
  • 20801: Added Failover support for uClient Adapter
  • 20841: Implemented Backup server in a failover setup to continue using the SAML authentication method
  • 20855: Fixed issue where uClient Adapter video walls freeze by intercepting a RTSP stream
  • 20898: Fixed issue where On-Premise uClient Adapters do not resume playback if the uClient app was re- opened from the background
  • 20849: Fixed issue where Signage content does not play on a display with custom resolution set to 768x1368
  • 20871: Fixed issue where unplugging network cable from the server running uClient Adapters leaves displays in frozen state
  • 20902: Pixelation fix + Encoding Performance update
  • 20921: Fixed issue where uClient Adapter displays are out of sync when playing 60fps content
  • 20926: Fixed a licensing issue
  • 20941: Fixed issue where new video wall zone name is not unique
  • 20945: Fixed issue with LDAP with DN Template that updating to 10.6 broke
  • 20957: Fixed issue where after rebooting the Primary server, the displays appear as orphaned in the Backup server of a Failover group
  • 20962: Fixed issue where Blackmagic capture source has no audio in C&C with Xclient disabled
  • 20965: Fixed issue where On-Premise uClient displays show black screen after unlocking and relocking it to the server
  • 20988: Fixed issue with uClient Adapter local playback
  • 20993: Fixed issue where displays on the Backup server restart when Primary server comes back online
  • 21011: Fixed issue where Control GUI may not detect a video wall mapped to a Command & Control source
  • 21015: Fixed issue where a REST API call to create a user and then authenticate returns a status code 500
  • 21021: Fixed issue when changing user and root passwords from UCC Settings tab is not reflected in UCC
  • 21026: Fixed issue where uClients displays turn off instead of showing a message after the server is shut down from UCC Settings tab
  • 21014: Improved the UI on smaller screens
  • 21028, 20947: UCC UI Improvements
  • 20800: Other minor bug fixes and improvements

Userful 10.6

January 26, 2021
Userful 10.6 marks the official launch of the Userful uClient Adapter with On-Premise servers. Along with this major release, we have made a number of other fixes and improvements:
  • 20847: Fixed an issue where sometimes a user would not be able to log into the UCC of a system with no Internet access
  • 20781: Fix for unlicensed servers that are in a Failover group sometimes displaying unlicensed status
  • 20745: Added a permission for high-quality C&C streaming
  • 20725: Support for using an On-Premise server's GPU to output direct video using Nvidia Mosaic to direct-view LED walls. Consult a Userful Sales Engineer for more information
  • 20704: RBAC Users and Groups now correctly copy over in a Failover group, as do LDAP and SAML authentication settings
  • 20670: Mirror Groups now support broadcasting audio to all displays/zones
  • 20627: Improved notifications when a Userful Manager session has expired
  • 20626: New "Lite" license tier
  • 20600: Userful Support staff can now access printer administration without intervention from library members
  • 20593: Enabled audio volume controls in Display Settings and Zone Settings
  • 20585: Added new Monitoring UCC page to enable monitoring server resources in real-time
  • 20584: Implemented Pinned Memory to optimize data transfer and double the number of Blackmagic Capture sources that can be played at once
  • 20580: Added touchscreen support for uClient Devices running a Web Browser source as a single display
  • 20579: Implemented Forward & Store playback for On-Premise servers and uClient endpoints
  • 20578: Resolved an issue where a rebooting server could cause a race condition between two servers in a Failover group
  • 20575: Added support for Active Directory BIND to Role-Based Access Control
  • 20569: Events screen in UCC now shows a list of upcoming Events
  • 20564: Caja file browser now launches in Cloud Desktop
  • 20553: uClient now properly cleans up and closes itself if it is exited by using the Android BACK button
  • 20545: Help pages are now cached locally on On-Premise servers so are accessible to systems with no Internet access
  • 20531: Add controls to individually control text overlays on sources in Command & Control
  • 20508: Command & Control streams through Userful Manager are now fully stopped when the browser tab is closed. An issue with Userful 10.4 through 10.5.1 means these systems must be updated before C&C streaming is accessible through Manager again.
  • 20503: Improved consistency of the behavior of the "Apply" button in UCC
  • 20482: Improved reliability of Blackmagic Capture sources in Command & Control, Multi-Window and Picture-in-Picture
  • 20447: Added ability to create a virtual display that is an RTSP stream for other servers to capture. This is an experimental feature and is not enabled by default
  • 20431: Implemented a process where sources that start by displaying a Welcome Screen when they should actually be displaying content (normally due to heavy system load) will correct themselves after 5-15 seconds
  • 20430: Resolved an issue that could cause a race condition and black screens if displays or Zones are switched to opposing Blackmagic Capture feeds
  • 20417: uClient Adapters can now sleep/wake up displays they are attached to via HDMI
  • 20415: Improved reliability of audio from all sources in Command & Control
  • 20414: Creating certain types of Sources (Blackmagic) in C&C no longer causes the New Source dialog to pop up in UCC.
  • 20406: Improved reliability of uClient Adapter's Web browser
  • 20383: Added ability to check app version from within uClient
  • 20345: Resolved an issue that could sometimes cause a Web Browser source to start and only show a white screen
  • 20322: Supervisor Dashboard now available through Userful Manager
  • 20312: Updated and improved NTP stack
  • 20275: Resolved "green bar" that would appear in some use cases with Text optimization is selected
  • 20121: Ability to hide on-screen messages about updates and file downloads for uClient devices
  • 19732: Reduced uClient streaming frame rate for displays that are unmapped or showing a welcome or calibration screen
Updates to back-end components:
  • Updated base OS to CentOS 7.9 (20138)
  • Updated Firefox, Chrome, CUPS and other base applications
  • Updated Nvidia driver to support 3000-series GPUs
  • Updated Blackmagic driver and firmware to 11.7 to resolve an issue with audio and the HDMI Quad Recorder 4K (20525)
Many small bug fixes and process improvements (20140)

Userful™ 10.5.3

December 1, 2020

Userful Control Center for Cloud

  • 20626: New “Lite” license tier, which only allows Signage Player sources
  • 20692: Removed links to features that do not exist (Layout Switcher, Remote Control Settings)
  • 20697: New default Sources in Mapping including one for COVID Signage
  • 20720: Added new Display5 CMS Source
  • Other performance and stability fixes: 20620, 20671, 20672, 20687, 20688, 20690, 20698, 20699,20701, 20707, 20714, 20716, 20718, 20719, 20724

Known Issues

  • 20709: Images with resolution higher than 1080p will be downscaled to 1080p
  • 20746: Gapless playback does not work, currently there is a 1-2 second black screen transition between videos in a playlist
  • 20289: Using USB and SD expandable storage together does not work at this time
  • 20427: Switching between WiFi and Wired network connection will create a new uClient due to different MAC addresses between wired and wireless interfaces.

Userful™ 10.5.2

October 19, 2020
Userful 10.5.2 is a stability release that addresses known issues and improves diagnostic tools.
  • Improved reliability of inset sources (Zones, Command & Control)(20625)
  • Fixed an issue in Command and Control where if an operation times out, then subsequent operations are not carried out (20624)
  • Fixed a root cause of blank white screens and sessions failing to start (20607)
  • Improved back-end troubleshooting tools (20605)
  • Fixed an issue that could occur in Userful Control Center when quickly refreshing interactive viewer (20586)
  • Fixed an issue where Interactive Viewer was not handling timeout correctly (20583)
  • Fixed an issue causing a green line at the bottom of individual screens in Video Walls (20563)
  • Fixed an issue where Live Update streaming to cloud does not close when a user closes their browser window (20508)
  • Fixed an issue causing excessive log entries when running Command & Control from Userful Manager (20507)
  • Fixed an issue where bad resolution information from the client device would reset the station back to the welcome screen (20465)

Userful™ 10.5.1

Aug 5, 2020
Userful 10.5.1 is a stability and minor-feature release that addresses known issues and adds support for new use cases.
  • Added stability to Userful media engine and media player (20321, 20295, 20265)
  • Added support for virtual displays with wider resolution Banner style video walls (20148, 20188)
  • Added support for additional authentication context settings (20302)
  • Improved uClient Adapter playback synchronization (20363)
  • Fixed the issue where a Virtual Display mapped to a Persistent Running Session shows black screen (19904)
  • Fixed the issue where Web Browser session may occasionally fail to start (20165)
  • Fixed the issue where window moved off the screen under specific settings of Program Runner and Web Browser source (20169)
  • Fixed the issue where Browser Source Certificate option under Settings does not work as expected (20215)
  • Fixed the issue where changes to the default Welcome Screen stops the Control Room insets (20254)
  • Fixed the issue where streaming from certain IP cameras does not work with RTSP Streamer source (20266)
  • Fixed the issue where Blackmagic Decklink source does not support audio and scaling if Xclient option is enabled (20296, 20297)
  • Fixed the issue where uClient displays paired to on-premise server do not show up in Displays tab after the server IP is changed (20307)
  • Fixed the issue where Screen Capture does not work for virtual displays (20313)
  • Fixed the issue where indirect sources (e.g. Web Browser) do not work if Nvidia GPU is not available and the video wall canvas size is bigger than 1080p (20319)
  • Fixed the issue where API call to Backup from Userful Manager may not work as expected (20330)
  • Fixed the issue where API call to setup failover on the system does not work as expected (20331)
  • Fixed the issue where launching camera in a separate viewer under Command and Control module launches Control GUI (20332)
  • Fixed the issue where optimize for text option under Video Wall Zone Settings does not work as expected (20335)
  • Fixed the issue where WebOS uClient displays may occasionally show black or white screen (20336)
  • Fixed the issue where Tile Welcome Screen occasionally shows an error on bootup (20347)
  • Fixed the issue where API call to submit troubleshoot report shows an error (20352)
  • Fixed the issue where Launch Camera feature under Support does not work as expected (20353)
  • Fixed the issue where API call to return all failover settings does not respond as expected (20360)
  • Fixed the issue where uClients do not show up in the second server after the first server is shut down, if both the servers are present in the same subnet (20381)
  • Fixed the issue where API call to pause video wall zone does not respond (20421)
  • General Improvements (20281)
  • General GUI improvements (20190, 20309)
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements (20260)

Userful™ 10.5

Jun 1, 2020
Userful 10.5 is a major release that expands on features and functionality and supports new hardware. This release also focuses on back-end improvements.
  • Added support for Lenovo ThinkStation P330 i7-9700 (20079)
  • Added support for HP Z1 Tower G5 i7-9700 (19787)
  • Added support for Dell Precision 5820 Tower (20094)
  • Added support for Nvidia Quadro P2000 (19987)
  • Added support for DeckLink Quad HDMI Recorder (18457)
  • Added support for Aquantia AQtion 10G Pro NIC (20047)
  • Added support to create Virtual Displays (20132, 20216, 20191)
  • Added partner dashboard view to Userful Manager (19677)
  • Added stability to the Saved Presets feature (18988, 20065, 20064)
  • Added stability to the Mirror Groups feature (19215)
  • Added stability and improvements to Control Center (19751, 19755, 19760, 19898)
  • Added stability and improvements to media engine and media player (19943)
  • Added support to automatically update Blackmagic capture card firmware (19003)
  • Added support for backup and restore functionality to Control Center (18975)
  • Added support for uClients displays to pair to the on-premise servers without Internet access (20174)
  • Added security warning to Launch Terminal dialog (19657)
  • Added ability to set the display size to display settings dialog (19682)
  • Added ability to mark a display as LED to scale the resolution properly (19797)
  • Added GUI to Userful Manager to show the invitation links for partners and customers (19784)
  • Added username and password fields to RTSP source (19884)
  • Added ability to Control Center to show multiple videos at startup (19909)
  • Enhancements to media engine (19910, 20104)
  • Enhanced usage reports for public computing deployment (17178)
  • Enhanced Userful Manager security and logging (19938, 19936, 19964, 20087, 20086)
  • Enhanced licensing enforcement (19504, 19544, 19868, 20031)
  • Improved session startup functionality when a valid EDID is not available (19323)
  • Improved display ID readability on video wall calibration screen (19697)
  • Improved synchronization for on-premise uClient video walls (19942)
  • Improved uClient stability (19880, 19882, 19886, 19892, 19927, 19935)
  • Improved Interactive Viewer session cleanup (20126)
  • Fixed the issue where a GPU accelerated session can cause problem after a preset switch (19523)
  • Fixed the issue where creating a Multi-window or Picture-in-picture source via Userful API can fail (19862)
  • Fixed the issue where FTP access to source content can get enabled without a password (19668)
  • Fixed the issue where Interactive Viewer is disabled on tablet browser (19786)
  • Fixed the issue where uClient size might not be set when on-premise server is used (19790)
  • Fixed the issue where a GPU accelerated session might not play as expected (19777)
  • Fixes the issue where uClient displays might not work as expected when using Blackmagic Decklink capture source (19934)
  • Fixed the issue where Interactive Viewer might not work on mirrored displays (19952)
  • Fixed the issue where might not work as expected after a preset switch (19956)
  • Fixed the issue where IP Launch Camera might not work after an update (19958)
  • Fixed the issue where offline events can get deleted on server bootup (19961)
  • Fixed the issue where uClient remote shortcuts might not work as expected (19994)
  • Fixed the issue where SAML redirect URL might not work as expected (19980)
  • Fixed the issue that might cause a GPU memory leak for on-premise uClient systems (20030)
  • Fixed the issue where web filter under Session Management might not work (20197)
  • Fixed the issue where configuring a Tile Welcome Screen can cause an exception (20089)
  • Fixed the issue where auto-launch camera viewer can relaunch itself after closed (20083)
  • Fixed the issue where a video wall playback might freeze when audio is enabled (20111)
  • Fixed the issue where Google Chrome might show invalid certificate warning (20193)
  • Fixed the issue where uClient displays might not appear in the Displays page (20160)
  • Fixed the issue that can affect Displays page GUI once server hostname is changed (20151)
  • Fixed the issue where Screen Capture Configuration GUI doesn't work as expected (20212)
  • Fixed the cosmetic issue of default resource group names (20235)
  • Set the default order of sources created via Userful API to by created date (19838)
  • Increased the character limit for Report a Problem form (20192)
  • Removed the mandatory reboot after making a change to Control Center > Performance Settings (19887)
  • Removed Media Player Codecs from Control Center Additional Packages (19771)
  • Removed the Blackmagic capture card firmware update diagnostic (20042)
  • Upgraded firewall configuration to firewalld (19613)
  • Updated GStreamer 1.16.2 (19763)
  • Updated SMSC driver to 2.11.35 (19762)
  • Update Blackmagic capture card driver to 11.4 (19472)
  • General improvements to Userful Manager (19567, 19653, 19706, 19782, 19798)
  • General GUI improvements to Control Center (19841, 19889)

Userful™ 10.4.1

February 11, 2020
  • Fixes the issue in Userful Manager where certain functionality (e.g., Event Switcher) for 10.3 servers doesn't work as expected (19901)
  • Fixes the issue where a backup server can incorrectly act as primary during failover restore process (19900)
  • Fixes the issue where Report a Problem doesn't work as expected (19895)

Userful™ 10.4

February 6, 2020
  • Adds support for HP ProDesk 600 G5 - i7-9700 with Nvidia RTX2060 (19406)
  • Adds support for Nvidia RTX2080 SUPER GPU (19660)
  • Adds support for NVIDIA Quadro RTX4000 (19579)
  • Adds support for NVIDIA Quadro RTX6000 (19623)
  • Adds Layout Switcher functionality to switch Command and Control view with a single button press (19599)
  • Adds support for the LDAP Authentication (19371)
  • Adds support for the SAML based Authentication (19383)
  • Adds permissions control for the Welcome Screen groups (19384)
  • Adds support to overlay source name for the Command and Control deployments (18438, 19604)
  • Adds support for blending PNG images with transparent background with the Command and Control (19518)
  • Adds a GUI option to toggle the calibration window size to facilitate the larger video wall configuration (19683)
  • Adds a GUI option to configure the size of the images for the Screen Capture feature (19793)
  • Adds Display Tag feature to help identify the displays with the management GUI (19616)
  • Adds 60fps support in Command and Control, Picture in Picture and Multi-window (19023)
  • Adds a GUI option to configure the num lock settings under System Keyboard (18753)
  • Adds GPU information to the Server Details section under Userful Manager (18720)
  • Adds an option to show the source name as an overlay to the Command and Control insets (18438)
  • Improves the USB Hubs/Devices diagnostic to support the new generation of zero clients (18322)
  • Adds a GUI option to facilitate device swap under Receiver Device Configuration (17806)
  • Adds a GUI option under Failover Settings to password protect the failover group (17801)
  • Adds an API call to allow retrieval of mapping data version (17797)
  • Adds GUI option to configure the size of the screen capture thumbnail (17792)
  • Adds an API call to allow retrieval of the log files (17719)
  • Adds a diagnostic alert for uClient server system requirements (19625)
  • Adds a diagnostic alert to verify the required system users (19484)
  • Adds an automatic password reset and password strength check feature to the Userful Manager (19156)
  • Adds stability and optimizes uClient app (19773, 19759, 19745, 19726)
  • Adds stability to Command and Control (19140, 19182)
  • Fixes the issue where memory usage diagnostic doesn't work as expected (19721)
  • Fixes the issue where loading a preset with mirror group enabled might cause the system to freeze (19707)
  • Fixes the issue where upload file feature under Signage Player source might not work as expected (19690)
  • Fixes the issue where setting a new display size might not persist (19684)
  • Fixes the issue where Live Updates under Command and Control GUI might not work after layout switch (19667)
  • Fixes the issue where multilingual input methods were not working as expected (18675)
  • Fixes the issue where the Command and Control GUI might end up with duplicated zone tabs (18731)
  • Fixes the issue where a display might not be visible in the Control Center GUI (19630)
  • Fixes the issue where Persistent source might not work as expected when mirror group option is enabled (19608)
  • Fixes the issue where Interactive Viewer doesn't work on a Session GPU Accelerated zone (19607)
  • Fixes the issue where broadcast API call doesn't handle Unicode characters (19541)
  • Fixes the issue where /system/broadcast/stop doesn't work as expected (19540)
  • Fixes the issue where uClient does not play content as expected on the less common aspect ratios displays (19492)
  • Fixes the issue where HDMI capture source might not work for Userful Cloud deployments (19471)
  • Fixes the Preset Switcher and Source Switcher URLs within the Userful Manager GUI (19329)
  • Fixed the issue where an unpaired uClient display state changes after a power cycle (19311)
  • Fixes the issue where newly created video wall might not show the proper status in the GUI (19270)
  • Fixes the privilege of Staff user (19430)
  • Fixes the issue where LG VM5E display running uClient app might unpair after a reboot (19415)
  • Fixes the issue where a newly created video wall might not start properly (19410)
  • Fixes the issue where uClient update can fail due to insufficient internal storage (19388)
  • Fixes the issue where an unpaired display can be visible in the Events (19355)
  • Fixes the issue where updating uClient app can result in unpaired displays (19335)
  • Updates to (19817)
  • Updates Rise Vision pre-configure source (19626)
  • Updates Google Chrome to 79.0.3945.88-1
  • Updates Firefox to 68 (19493)
  • Update Nvidia Driver to version 440.31 (19556)
  • Optimizes the Live Screen Update for the Command and Control GUI (19711)
  • Optimizes Live Update feature of Command and Control (19649)
  • Improves the login failure error messages for the public computing use case (19111)
  • Improves the uClient auto-discovery (19705)
  • Improves video wall calibration (19696, 19680, 19275, 19629, 19555)
  • Improves failover stability (19813)
  • Improves uClient storage management (19262)
  • Improves user experience of Control Center’s display page (19652, 19799)
  • Improvement GUI of the login page (19796)
  • General security improvements (19190)
  • Minor GUI fixes (19804, 19802, 19685, 19147, 19149)

Userful™ 10.3.1

November 4, 2019
  • Adds 4K support to uClient on-prem (19238)
  • Adds audio support for the mirror group through Control Display (19345)
  • Adds the ability to backup Role-based Access Control groups and users (19170)
  • Fixes the issue where restoring a backup can cause unnecessary reboot (19239)
  • Fixes the issue where dynamically adding or removing a display to the existing mirror group can cause an issue (19240)
  • Fixes the issue where the “Request Session Extension” button was available while it was set as off under settings (19327)
  • Fixes the issue where Source Switcher and Preset Switcher URLs were not correct when accessed via management module (19329)
  • Fixes the issue where on-prem uClient server can fail to pair the local displays (19336)
  • Fixes the issue where the “Reboot” button was not visible under Control Center’s Displays section (19338)
  • Fixes the issue where drag and drop occasionally doesn’t work under management module (19349)
  • Fixes the issue where Rest API doesn’t return a proper error after session times out (19367)
  • Fixes the issue for uClient on-prem server where a source might not start after switching (19420)
  • Fixes the issue where Stop Broadcast button was not visible within Control Center GUI (19421)
  • Fixes the issue where making a change in a video wall zone might impact another zone (19438)
  • Fixes the issue where a video wall display doesn’t resume playback as expected after restart (19441)
  • Fixes the permissions for the (legacy) “staff” role (19444)
  • Fixes the issue where displays connected to a uClient on-prem server might not playback in sync after a reboot (19459)
  • Fixes the issue where changing a uClient server occasionally cause an issue on startup (19460)
  • Adds GUI improvements (19241, 19280, 19293, 19353)
  • Adds general stability and security improves (19174, 19193, 19270, 19329, 19350)

Userful™ 10.3

October 8, 2019
  • Introduces the on-prem uClient webOS solution (18789, 18979)
  • Introduces the Role-Based Access Control to configure and manage user groups and permissions (19052)
  • Adds an option to configure the IP Camera for the Launch Camera viewer (19050, 17452)
  • Adds the ability to configure command and control "saved layouts" as events (18854)
  • Adds the ability to view user activity log (19065)
  • Adds Analytics and logging options to the GUI to help Userful improve its products and services by automatically sending usage and diagnostics data (18871, 19120)
  • Adds the GUI options in the Control Center to view the remaining time for a session (17198)
  • Adds the ability to set the timezone during initial setup automatically (18974)
  • Adds the GUI option to see the logged-in users within the Control Center (17634)
  • Adds a confirmation dialog to uClient app and Control GUI for firmware update (19123)
  • Adds a GUI option to show a notification for the available displays (18972)
  • Adds API support for Command and Control layouts (18948)
  • Adds GUI option to show logged in users in Command and Contro module (17824)
  • Adds GUI options to configure SSL certificates under Control Center Settings (18868, 19138, 18869)
  • Adds option to configure the Command and Control "Live Updates" to the management module (18633)
  • Adds general stability and improvements (19177, 19161, 18723, 18609, 19057, 18858, 18639)
  • Enhanced and optimized video wall engine (19157, 18902, 18905, 18617, 18456, 18638)
  • Adds GUI configuration option in the Control Center to enable or disable logging (18870)
  • Adds support for Blackmagic DeckLink 4K Extreme 12G (19037)
  • Add support for Nvidia Quadro P5000, P6000, and RTX 6000 cards for Userful on-premise solution (18618)
  • Adds support for specific webOS 4.0 displays, please contact your Userful representative for more details (18478)
  • Adds a Rest API call to enable/disable automatic locking of zero clients (19034)
  • Adds a Rest API call to set the Timezones (18921)
  • Optimizes the video wall calibration for the webOS displays (19072)
  • Optimizes the session GPU acceleration (17688, 17570)
  • Optimizes usage reports (18576, 18781)
  • Updates the Sessions GPU Acceleration option list (17998)
  • Improves video playback and synchronization for webOS on-prem solution (19085)
  • Improves failover stability (18971, 19188, 17805, 18923)
  • Improves the user experience and stability of video wall calibration process (18978)
  • Improves the server search functionality by allowing the regular text, regular expressions, and IP address (18677)
  • Optimize Usage Reports search (18833)
  • Updates the Cloud servers fields (18710, 18864)
  • Adds ability for customers to invite multiple staff members (18943)
  • Adds the ability to send the acknowledgment email once the invitation to create an account is accepted (18960)
  • Optimize the server card layout for smartphones and tablets (18702)
  • Fixes the issue where open camera viewer in a separate window doesn't work as expected (19139)
  • Fixes the issue where Cloud server shows a blank page after the session expires (19081)
  • Fixes the issue where Interactive Viewer doesn't work for a Persistent Session in a mirror group (19134)
  • Fixes the issue where configuring broadcast messages for individual displays was not working as expected (18996, 18578)
  • Fixes the issue where certain events were not settings the appropriate DPMS settings (19000)
  • Fixes the issue where video playback can stop when the control station of a Mirror Group is changed (18962)
  • Fixes the issue where upload button in Signage Player source might not work as expected (18779)
  • Fixes the issue where uClient app doesn't represent the correct state of the display (19093)
  • Fixes the issue where under specific use cases file size was not accurate in the uClient app (19040)
  • Fixed the issue for Userful Cloud webOS solution where a network stream can restart by itself (19027)
  • Fixes the issue where source switcher in the Management Module GUI might not show all sources (18914)
  • Fixes the issue where changes in the display settings might not take effect (18970)
  • Fixes the issue where Change Password under Control Center settings was not working as expected (18997)
  • Fixes the issue where video wall calibration can reset the display settings (18649)
  • Fixes the issue where Interactive Viewer might not open in a new browser tab (18964)
  • Fixes the issue where playback quality can get effected when a system has more than four video wall zones (19128)
  • Fixes the issue where applications like Google Maps on Chrome goes black when Session GPU Acceleration option is off (18891)
  • Fixes the issue where RTSP source in the Command and Control module doesn't play as expected (19016)
  • Fixed the issue where uClient app might not show the display ID during the calibration process (18791)
  • Fixed the issue where drag and drop might not work under the Command and Control module (18692)
  • Adds minor GUI improvements to the management module (18820, 18933, 18934, 19169)
  • Adds stability to Userful Cloud webOS solution (18931, 19059, 19225, 19268, 19029, 18940)
  • Adds GUI improvements for Userful Cloud webOS solution (19285, 18755, 18730)
  • General GUI Improvements (19044, 19042, 19180, 19187, 19110, 19011, 14924, 18986)
  • Security updates (19189, 18580)
  • Updates SMSC driver to 2.11.33 (18481)
  • Updates Google Chrome to 77.0.3865 (18660)
  • Updates Firefox to 60.8 (18660)

Userful™ 10.2.3

July 22, 2019
  • Added audio support to the Command and Control GUI
  • Improved the rendering quality of images for the Web Browser, Desktops, and integrated CMS sources (18798)
  • Fixed the issue where switching layout in Command and Control GUI can restart the insets (18865)
  • Fixed the issues where the onboard display doesn't work with the title welcome screen (18855)
  • Fixed the issue where live screen capture occasionally doesn't work from the management module (18842)
  • Fixed the issue where calibrating an Artistic video wall can cause an occasional freeze (18819)
  • Fixed the issue where moving a video wall from a Command and Control to another source doesn't take effect (18818)
  • Fixed the issue where "create events" in the management module doesn't work (18806)
  • Fixed the issue where interactive viewer sessions are not cleaned up properly (18797)
  • Fixed the issue where Camera Viewer popup occasionally doesn't show the video (18796)
  • Fixed the issue where printer configurations don't work as expected (18793)
  • Fixed the issue where certain restricted sources were available in a lower license tier (18790)
  • Resolved the issue where operator user was missing from Command and Control GUI (18785)
  • Fixed the issue where the defined resolution of Linux Desktop inset doesn't take effect under the Command and Control module (18783)
  • Fixed the issue where upload button under Signage Player source doesn't work as expected in Command and Control GUI (18779)
  • Update Master PDF to 5.4.33 (18787)
  • GUI improvements to Command and Control GUI (18802)

Userful™ 10.2.2

July 4, 2019
  • Added ability to backup and restore Command and Control module’s configurations via Management Module (18712)
  • Optimized Control Center performance to handle many zones of large videowall (18708)
  • Fixed the issue where occasionally Command and Control module will not authenticate the users (18687)
  • Fixed the issue where the live update feature under Command and Control module occasionally doesn't work (18737)
  • Fixed the issue where after a reboot Command and Control insets might not play (18738)
  • Restricted sources and saved layouts to the zones under the Command and Control module for the stability reasons (18750)
  • Fixed the issue where Interactive Viewer occasionally doesn't work under Command and Control module (18765)
  • Fixed the issue where the IP Address Control Center will stay on if the server boots up without network (18766)
  • Fixed the issue where Control Center will take longer than expected to start without the network (18767)

Userful™ 10.2.1

June 26, 2019
  • Added monthly and yearly repeat options to event scheduling under management module (18559)
  • Added failover support to the Events for offline scheduling (18554)
  • Optimized Control Center GUI for the card view (18679)
  • Added ability to the browser certificate to accept the port number in the URL (18718)
  • Fixed the issue where an incorrect session API call can cause the problem (18699, 18704)
  • Fixed the issue where multiple insets don't load correctly when a layout is switched (18722)
  • Fixed the issue where an update can disable the firewall (18711)
  • Fixed the issue where switching between zones under Command and Control module can cause empty insets (18707)
  • Fixed the issue where Interactive Viewer from the management module doesn't work (18700)
  • Fixed the issue where video wall calibration using the keyboard to rotate all displays doesn't work as expected (18695)
  • Fixed the issue where PUT:/api/system/hostname doesn't always work (18651)
  • Fixed the issue where video playback on large size video walls is not smooth (18650)
  • Fixed the issue where Interactive Viewer might not work after restoring Mapping data (18693)
  • Fixed the issue where some video walls might not show the expired license message (18676)
  • Added notification system in the Control Center GUI for the scheduled events (18613)

Userful™ 10.2

June 17, 2019
  • Added Events tab to the Control Center for Professional+ and higher license tiers for offline scheduling (18515)
  • Added an option to the Management Module to create a New Cloud Server (18389)
  • Added ability to automatically create sources for Blackmagic DeckLink inputs (18033)
  • Added live (displays) updates support to Command and Control GUI under uClient for webOS app (18565)
  • Added ability to export usage reports under management module (18538)
  • Added ability to specify the Browser Source Certificate under Control Center > Settings (18527)
  • Added server name and failover role (e.g., Primary) to the web browser title in Control Center (18489)
  • Added ability to automatically archive unused old servers to optimized management module GUI (18476)
  • Added ability to change the server’s hostname in the Management Module (18470)
  • Added option to configure the Blackmagic DeckLink Capture source to be used for multiple outputs under Command and Control GUI (18454)
  • Added resolution fields to the Blackmagic DeckLink Capture source under the Command and Control module (18450)
  • Added maximize button to the Command and Control inset GUI (18430)
  • Added ability to allow partners to claim the server under the Management Module (18227)
  • Added a feature to the Management Module to allow customers to create their server and staff groups for easy management (18211)
  • Added a reset button to the video wall zone GUI to reset the displays in a particular zone (18198)
  • Added a feature to automatically remove the mouse cursor for the touch-enabled displays (18419)
  • Added the support to install a license via an activation code (18358)
  • Added login time and user names to the usage report under management module (17899)
  • Automatically wake up sleeping displays if a source or preset switch event occurs (16979)
  • Added ability to broadcast alerts to individual displays (16945)
  • Added an option to Web Browser source to automatically refresh the web page (16821)
  • Added ability to see the active displays and video walls in Control Center GUI (16525)
  • Labeled the console display as Onboard and set the default ID to 0 (16801)
  • Certified Lenovo ThinkStation P520 with Xeon W-2145 (18437)