Before You Begin

  1. You should have either configured a Cloud Server in Userful Manager or set up an On-Premise server.

  2. The design of your system has followed the Network Design Requirements for Userful

  3. Your LG WebOS devices are unboxed, mounted, powered, and have network and Internet access.

Perform a Factory Reset

It is strongly recommended that even new out-of-box devices have a factory reset performed on them before proceeding.

Open the menu by pressing the settings button on the remote (Settings or icon)

Go to the Admin tab and turn on Admin settings. The default admin password for webOS 4.0 displays is 000000 (six zeroes).

Perform a factory reset, and allow the device to reset itself.

Configure WebOS


Open the menu by pressing the settings (Gear) button on the remote. Go to the General tab and open the Network section.

Select the Wired Connection and ensure it is enabled.

Wireless connections are sometimes available, but not recommended

Set time zone

  1. Open the menu by pressing the settings (Gear) button on the remote and go to the General tab

  2. Open the Time & Date settings and set your local time zone

  3. Enable NTP and ensure the clock is correct

  4. Ensure all displays are set to identical settings

Disable Tile Mode

  1. Open the Settings menu, go to “Ez Setting” and then “Video Wall”

  2. Ensure “Tile Mode” is set “Off” on all panels

uClient uses its own display settings and makes full use of the panel’s resolution, so it is necessary to ensure this is disabled on all panels before installing uClient.

Install uClient

SI Server Settings for App Installation
  1. Open the menu by pressing the Settings or button on the remote

  2. Go to EZ Settings and then SI Server

  3. Select SI Server again

  4. Turn ON Fully Qualified Domain Name

  5. Enter http://uclient.ws and then press Enter

  6. Change the Application Launch Mode to Local

  7. Change the Application Type to IPK

  8. Install the uClient app by selecting Remote under Local Application Upgrade

  9. Press Confirm

  10. Wait for the download to complete and the app to install. This process should take less than one minute

  11. Turn the display off, wait 10 seconds, and turn it back on

The display should now auto-launch uClient after a few seconds and display a pairing code.

Install uClient on all devices before moving on

Next Steps

If you have paired your device to an On-Premise server, move on to

If you have paired your device to a Cloud server, move on to