Zero Client Setup

Zero Clients

Zero Clients are simple, secure devices. They will only pair with a Userful On-Premise server and must be managed from that server in all respects.
Zero Clients must obtain an IP address before they can be associated with a server. A Zero Client new out of the box will request an automatically assigned (DHCP) IP address from the network.
If the Zero Client is not able to obtain an IP address, it will assign itself an IP of In this state, the Zero Client is not configurable from the server, so it must be given a DHCP IP.
After that is done, power cycle the zero clients and they will come online with valid IP addresses and will be ready for assignment to the server.
Before you assign Zero Clients to the server, you may want to complete some operations ahead of time, including:
  • Set “Name” and “Location” fields (simple text, for reference)
  • Set a static IP address (recommended)
  • Re-number the displays to a more logical order (use the “Show IDs” button to help with this)
Assign each zero client to the server by selecting the “Lock” icon at the top of the list, then clicking “Apply” in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
The zero clients will assign to the server and are now ready for use. Move on to UCC for On-Premise.
Last modified 6mo ago
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